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Machines of company Winder Works GmbH in Graulinster (Luxemburg) and Winder Works Maschinenbau GmbH in Irrel (Germany) are more than just a simple piece of steel. Each one of our machines is a part of the history for those people themselves, which were involved in the process of development, added with filed technics. They live from personal visions and ideas, are showing our decade of know-how and each of our employees invests a lot of passion to their realization. "Our machines are produced with passion by people for people." This is not just our simple Slogan, but it is the personal credo for each single employee of Winder Works GmbH and Winder Works Maschinenbau GmbH. We are pleased in working together with you, not just to realize your perceptions and requirements to a perfect machine respectively production line according to the industry standard, but to beat the same of an invaluable advantage will be the fact, that we are capable for much more than just to produce perfect machines – we provide you complete solutions and therefore an all-round carefree package which goes much further than the simple delivery of a machine. Company name: Winder Woks GmbH Address: No.9, Groeknapp, 6240 Graulinster Country: Luxembourg Contact person: Holger Meyer Tel: 0049 171 167 9301, 00352 78 7500 Fax: 00352 78 7500-19 Email:, Website:

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